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KAP Instructor: Tao Semko

Live Course begins Nov 10th, 2018
Live Course dates @ 11am US EST (UTC-5):
Nov 10, 17
Dec 1, 8, 15
Jan 5, 12, 19, 26
Feb 2, 9, 16

Topics in the revised KAP 3 include:

  • Kundalini beyond energetics: Kundalini energy as the interconnective and integrating field/matrix for and of consciousness itself- microcosmic and macrocosmic; What the Void described in Dr. Morris’s books encompasses, and how to navigate it accordingly – the various “planes”/ Lokas / realms of consciousness as accessed directly from the central channel, rather than through astral projection — the practice of Voidwalking; The immanent and transcendent union of apparent opposites: primordial bliss -fullness and spaciousness/emptiness, being-ness-bliss-consciousness, wisdom emptiness and skillful means; enlightened body, mind, and activity
  • Kundalini as form and identity: in personal, transpersonal, transcendent and immanent experience (within and beyond the conventional personality); tutelary archetypes and inner dialogues – mystical wisdom vs. madness; tantric and alchemical “becoming” (avishkara) – form, energy, and resonance in guru yogas, diety yogas, totemic yogas, becoming the saints, and in the esoteric initiations/ empowerments/ attunements/ downloads/ uploads / absorptions of various traditions;
  • bliss-unions, transcendent sexual yoga, and seals of knowledge; integration of ascending, descending, and expressive consciousness-as-energy, and the shadow aspects of the personality; the nature of faith, prayer, and manifestation in the probability field
  • field expressions of qi, shakti, and consciousness, egregores and spaces within spaces, entering the forest astral (waxing/full moon practice), aeonic and cyclical time vs linear time
  • bliss fire practices: gtummo/candali and inner crucible practices in microcosmic and macrocosmic use – eating and transmuting negative energy, and the vampire saints
  • upper alchemy, the taijitu, and bliss drops
  • emptiness of inherent selfhood: interdependent origination: the illusory body practices and form/ bliss/ vajra/ golden/ immortal bodies
  • dissolving the five elements, the three dawns, and union with clear-light spaciousness
  • deepening the union of clear light spaciousness with bliss
  • Offering the microcosmic to the macrocosmic (internal consecration, body offerings/Chöd, and mandala offerings), dissolving aggregates into the primordial (tantric pratyahara, hesychasm, trekcho), simultaneous absorption in primordial awareness and phenomenal experience – Taoist contemplation, mahamudra, mahamudra chöd
  • Working with local/locational consciousness: frequency modulation & harmonization; microcosmic bi-location; transference and projection of consciousness within and beyond the microcosm, siddhis of size, perspective, and location
  • “Southern Hospitality”- living communal nuance and amplifications of consciousness vs inertial egregores; integration and community through latticed communal practices (Ganachakra Feasts)

*Tao also hosts weekly live online video discussion/q&a where you may ask your questions and share your experiences in real time using text, video, or audio. You may also schedule 10-20 minute private Zoom Cloud Meeting Q&A’s with Tao whenever necessary.

The live course also includes an archive of recordings of the previous course iteration in 2016: pre-recorded streaming video and text materials, with live video Q&A with Tao Semko available weekly both during and after the class.

The 2016 session (and previous iterations) of the KAP3 course were taught in the following format (the most recent version is available as an archive to students of the present live course)

  • Upper Alchemy
  • Explosion and Dissolution of local consciousness
  • Mirror Gazing as a Dynamic Point of Reference
  • Illusory Body Practice
  • Dissolving the Elements into the Clear Light Emptiness
  • Deepening and stabilizing bliss, blending it with emptiness
  • Projection and Transference of Consciousness (Phowa) 1 & 2
  • Merging with the forest astral
  • Shifting and entering – Voidwalking
  • Exploring and Integrating What You Encounter – Voidwalking
  • The “higher views” of Chöd: Mahamudra Chöd
  • “Southern Hospitality” – the Ganachakra Feast

You may take the pre-recorded class at your own pace using the pre-recorded materials.
*Tao also hosts weekly live online video discussion/q&a where you may ask your questions and share your experiences in real time using text, video, or audio. You may also schedule 10-20 minute private Zoom Cloud Meeting Q&A’s with Tao whenever necessary.

Please ask Tao’s permission before registering or re-registering. You must have completed KAP1 & 2 and done a fair amount of integration of Kundalini to skillfully work with the materials in KAP3
Payment in Full: $694

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The next live online KAP3 will be given starting November 10th, 2018, including a full revision of the presentation of the course, with two new fleshed-out modules of Dr. Morris’s techniques.

If you have registered for the pre-recorded version of KAP3 during calendar year 2017 or 2018, you may take the live course at no additional fee – simply email Tao for inclusion.

If you have taken KAP3 during a prior calendar year, you may re-attend for the live course for $125

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