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KAP Instructor: Tao Semko

The next live online KAP3 will be given in 2018.

If you have registered for the pre-recorded version of KAP3 during calendar year 2017 or 2018, you may take the live course at no additional fee – simply email Tao for inclusion.

If you have taken KAP3 during a prior calendar year, you may re-attend for the live course for $108

Until the next live course begins in 2018, the pre-recorded version is available – twelve pre-recorded 30-minute practice/q&a sessions, one per week for 12 weeks, with pre-recorded lectures and text, with live video Q&A with the instructor available each week, on multiple days/times (both during and after the course).

About KAP Level Three Distance Learning:
Level Three may only be taken upon completion of Level Two. KAP 3 and 4 were designed for those who have cultivated qi and have either fully awakened kundalini or are already well on their way (lesser, greater, or greatest kan and li)… Whereas KAP 2 can be taken right after KAP 1 if the student so desires, we recommend at least a year of practice with the KAP 1 and 2 materials before undertaking the practice of KAP3.

KAP 3 includes walking the void, and integration of multiple aspects of self with both kundalini and the three treasures of Taoism. KAP3 focuses heavily on deeper integration of the mental and emotional sheaths of consciousness with energetic experiences far beyond the physical, and integration of bliss and emptiness experiences. KAP 3 integrates very well with the PSD course as well, and may be taken before or after PSD. KAP4 focuses on integration of causal consciousness, and non-dual awareness… KAP 3 is the prerequisite of KAP4.

Topics in KAP 3 include:

  • Upper Alchemy
  • Explosion and Dissolution of local consciousness
  • Mirror Gazing as a Dynamic Point of Reference
  • Illusory Body Practice
  • Dissolving the Elements into the Clear Light Emptiness
  • Deepening and stabilizing bliss, blending it with emptiness
  • Projection and Transference of Consciousness (Phowa) 1 & 2
  • Merging with the forest astral
  • Shifting and entering – Voidwalking
  • Exploring and Integrating What You Encounter – Voidwalking
  • The “higher views” of Chöd: mahamudra chöd
  • “Southern Hospitality” – the Ganachakra Feast

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