Register for KAP Level Two: Online Class with Tao Semko

This 12-week class consists of pre-recorded streaming video and text materials, with live video Q&A with Tao Semko available weekly both during and after the class.

You may take the class at your own pace using the pre-recorded materials.

  • 12 week course consisting of streaming online video recordings and text materials: One weekly instructional session video, plus daily guided practice videos, for each of the 12 weeks
  • Live video Q&A weekly both during the course and after its conclusion.*
  • All materials remain available after the conclusion of the course, and live Q&A continues to be available as well

*Tao hosts weekly live online video discussion/q&a where you may ask your questions and share your experiences in real time using text, video, or audio. You may also schedule 10-20 minute private Zoom Cloud Meeting Q&A’s with Tao whenever necessary.

About KAP Level Two Distance Learning:
Level Two may be taken concurrently with Tao’s online KAP Level One class, or upon completion of Level One with any KAP instructor, including Tao. It consists of intermediate and some advanced practices with chi (prana) and kundalini, including ways to further refine, balance, and amplify the energy you run, and also powerful esoteric methods that share and amplify energy through healing, dual cultivation, including dual sexual cultivation, and cultivation that can be done by a group.

For a full list of methods presented in KAP2, click here to scroll down.

If you have taken KAP Level One with another KAP instructor, and this is your first KAP course with Tao Semko, please forward him your responses to the application process when you register. Students who took KAP1 with Tao and have already submitted these materials for KAP1 may simply register.

The application process includes:

Please email info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces) to arrange tuition payment.

KAP Explained & KAP F.A.Q.

Questions? Please email us at info@

KAP2 Syllabus, by week:

  1. Intro, Internal Organ Energy Breathing
  2. Jing cultivation: Testicular/Ovarian, Deer exercises (solo cultivation of sexual energy)
  3. Shen Cultivation: Advanced Secret Smile; Directing, Circulating, and Managing the Three Treasures: Esoteric / Hidden / Internal Techniques
  4. Shen Techniques: Secret Sword, Chöd
  5. Dual cultivation, both sexual and non-sexual: Merging Orbits
  6. Dual cultivation: Chakra Puja, the Chakras and Central Channel (may be done by splitting your own polarities or as dual sexual cultivation)
  7. Jing cultivation: Bone Breathing [(a) Bone Marrow Washing, (b) Bone Breathing, (c) Chi Packing in the Fascia, Bones, and Marrow)]
  8. Chi Cultivation and Amplification: The Belt Channels
  9. Shen Techniques: Clearing the Mind and the Consciousness Self Healing and Clearing
  10. Chi Healing: Healing Others
  11. Chi Projection: Empowering Objects, People, Spaces, Times
  12. Chi Cultivation and Projection: Using Groups and Sanghas

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