Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening/Integration Process

“Enlightenment is a Biological Process!”

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“Enlightenment is a Biological Process” –Dr. Glenn J. Morris, PhD., ScD.

  • KAP Level 1

    All the methods and understanding you need to safely, rapidly, and permanently awaken and fully integrate kundalini through conscious entrainment of the body's endocrine and neurological responses.

  • KAP Level 2

    Additional plug-in methods to amplify energy and fine-tune control and sensitiity, remove blockages, store and ground energy in the body as balanced reserves, and to skillfully energetically interact with other people and the natural environment.


    Protecting your energy and consciousness from everything from others' negativity to outright manipulation and application of will against you.

  • KAP CE

    KAP Creativity Enhancement: Using KAP1 principles and additional techniques to increase creativity & productivity and to release creative blocks.

  • KAP Level 3

    Voidwalking, higher alchemy, bliss and emptiness practices, and their integration with the ego-personality.

  • KAP Level 4

    Methods of recognizing the Primordial Nature of Consciousness (“the Mind”), dissolution and integration of the perceptions of personality, causal consciousness, and bliss consciousness with that Primordial Nature, and spontaneous creativity from it… Non-dual awareness, cultivation, dissolution, and emanation...