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Dr. Glenn J. Morris created the Kundalini Awakening Process as a distillation of the most powerful and straightforward methods of kundalini awakening. After meeting Santiago Dobles and Tao Semko, Dr. Morris made some changes in techniques, and in how the techniques were stacked. This became the Improved Kundalini Awakening Process that Dr. Morris taught in the last two years of his life, concurrently with his other workshop programs in Hoshin Jutaijutsu, Hoshin Healing, Hoshin Tao Chi Kung, Meditation Mastery and Esoteric Energy, and Leadership and Management Skills.

To contact our faculty, please email them care of info @ kundaliniawakeningprocess.com (remove spaces), or use their direct contact information below:

First Generation KAP Instructors / Senior KAP Instructors / Certified KAP Instructors of the Hoshin Budo Ryu:
There were five first-generation instructors currently authorized by the Hoshin Budo Ryu to teach the Improved Kundalini Awakening Process. Each has gone through the full process of permanently awakening kundalini, bringing it from the base of the spine to the crown of the head through the central channel, and back again. Each was given personal permission by Dr. Glenn J Morris, during his lifetime, to teach the KAP methods. Glenn vouched for each and every one of them, personally, and in public. Those five instructors are as follows, in alphabetical order:

Dr. James Alexander, PhD. (private students only) – N.Carolina (E), USA
The late Rev. Susan Carlson, R.N. (deceased)
Santiago Dobles (online, workshops, privates)- Florida (S), USA
Tao Semko (online, workshops, privates) – N.Carolina (W), USA
Rob Williams, Soke of the Hoshin Budo Ryu (private students only) – S.Carolina (W), USA

Second Generation KAP Instructors:
Santiago Dobles has authorized the following individuals to teach KAP:
Sifu Daniel Ferrera, Full KAP Instructor – Michigan (E), USA
Andrea Abarca, KAP 1&2 – Florida (S), USA
Esly Caldwell, III, A.P., KAP 1&2 – Ohio, USA
Kadir Gonzales, KAP 1 – Florida (S), USA
Dr. Bob Joyce, KAP 1&2 – California (N), USA

Tao Semko has authorized the following individuals to teach KAP:
Dr. Ian Davies, KAP 1&2 – NSW, Australia
Paul Densmore, KAP 1&2 – Louisiana (W), USA (online, workshops)
Way McCutchen, KAP 1&2 – Wales, UK
Esly Caldwell, III, A.P., – KAP 1&2 Ohio (SW), USA
Rex Washburn, KAP 1&2 – Missouri (E), USA
Michael Groblewski, KAP1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Germany
Michelle Cleland, KAP1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – California (N), USA
Ryan Owens, KAP1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Texas (SE), USA
Brady Hansen, KAP1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Utah, USA
Jerry Fulford, KAP1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Missouri (E), USA
Gabriel Axel Montes, MSc, PhD fellow, KAP 1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Florida, USA, Australia, (World Traveller on academic circuit)
Dr. Justine Lemos, PhD, KAP1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Californa (N), USA
Ashley Apple, KAP1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – California (N), USA, World Traveller
Kristi Wrolstad, KAP 1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – N.Carolina (W), USA
Gary Norcross, KAP 1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Texas (NE), USA
Ángela Nicolás, MD, KAP 1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Valencia, Spain
Kris Lunde, KAP 1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – Oslo, Norway
Matt Howell, KAP 1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – West Midlands, UK
Dr. Craig Wells, D.O., KAP 1 & 2 (journeyman/provisional instructor) – NY/NJ, USA

Journeyman/Provisional KAP Instructors are new instructors authorized to teach private lessons and small workshops, provisionally, under the guidance of a Senior Instructor, and to assist KAP instructors in workshop and online classes. Journeyman/Provisional Instructors have integrated the ascending current of Kundalini through all the major in-body chakras, and understand the KAP principles and techniques.

Journeyman Instructors are still familiarizing themselves with all the various ways Kundalini affects different constitutions and personalities, and may or may not be new to teaching in general, and thus rely on Senior KAP instructors for guidance.

If you are the student of a Journeyman/Provisional KAP Instructor, you may always reach out directly to her/his Senior KAP instructor with any concerns about their awareness, knowledge, maturity, commitment, and personal ethics, and with any questions about KAP principles, techniques, and your experiences with them, that you feel have yet not been adequately clarfied.

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