Our Organization

KundaliniAwakeningProcess.com is the online point of organization for a group of independent, certified instructors of Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s Improved Kundalini Awakening Process (KAP), all the KAP practitioners, and current KAP students.

The KAP teachings and instructors are recognized by Dr. Morris’s Hoshin Budo Ryu, which teaches all of Dr. Morris’s martial, healing, Chi Kung, and meditative methodologies. All of the original instructors certified by Dr. Morris are part of the Ryu, but teach KAP independently of its martial ranking system, in keeping with Dr. Morris’s original vision for the transmission of KAP as a stand-alone set of teachings.

The individual KAP Instructors are solely responsible for the content and method of transmission of their individual instruction. They preserve Dr. Morris’s KAP as he passed it on, while also showing the latest evolutions in technique, principle, and transmission.

Students make tuition payments directly to their teachers, or to their teacher’s companies; there is no central financial entity for KAP.

The KAP website is published by The Integrated Cultivation Group, which collects a nominal fee from the instructors for webhosting and maintenance fees and marketing of the courses and workshops listed on the website.

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