Register for KAP Level One: Online Class with Tao Semko

This 12-week class consists of pre-recorded streaming video and text materials, with live video Q&A with Tao Semko available weekly both during and after the class.

Once started, you may take the class at your own pace using the pre-recorded materials.

  • Live video Q&A available weekly both during and after the course.
  • 12 week course consisting of streaming online video recordings and text materials
  • One weekly instructional session video, plus daily guided practice videos, for each of the 12 weeks
  • All materials remain available after the conclusion of the course, and live Q&A continues to be available as well

*Tao hosts weekly live online video discussion/q&a where you may ask your questions and share your experiences in real time using text, video, or audio. You may also schedule 10-20 minute private Zoom Cloud Meeting Q&A’s with Tao whenever necessary.

Registrants may begin the pre-recorded version of the course upon completion of the application process (below), and acceptance by Tao as a student.

Please begin our application process when you register. The application process must be completed prior to your beginning the course. It includes:

You may register in full using the Paypal button below, or please email info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces) to arrange tuition payment plans or Mercy Corps donation discounted tuition.

Re-attend rate for prior graduates of KAP Level 1 workshops or online classes is $125; please email a request for a Paypal Invoice for this amount to info1 @ taosemko . com (remove spaces).

Charitable Giving Discount: A $200 discount on Tao’s 2017 live KAP1 course is available for a $100 donation to Mercy Corps or any 4-star rated charity on this page of Hurricane Harvey relief organizations.

Donation discount is not retroactive and not combineable with other discounts. An unused donation discount may, however, be applied to a future course registration, i.e. KAP Level Two. Please email your donation receipt to info1 @ (remove spaces) to receive a discount code or invoice prior to registration.

About the KAP Level 1 Course: This interactive online video course provides all the methods and understanding you need to safely, rapidly, and permanently awaken and fully integrate kundalini through the body’s major consciousness centers using conscious entrainment of the body’s endocrine and neurological responses.

Metaphysically speaking, in KAP 1 you learn how to activate your Kundalini energy and how to integrate the experiences smoothly as a continuum of functional awareness and energy. In the process you also learn how to increase, balance, refine, and circulate your prana (chi). You study and practice with Chi Kung/Prana Vidya, the Godai (5 elemental metaphors for the experiences of consciousness), Kan & Li Internal Alchemy, Kundalini Meditation (Laya, Kriya, and Raja yoga fundamentals and Kundalini Vidya), progressive relaxation, grounding, rooting, and releasing energy, basic energy sensing, viewing, and healing. You will become more blissful, relaxed, energetic, and present as you practice the methods in KAP. If you haven’t taken KAP 1 yet , you will want to register now as soon as possible so you can reserve your place in the course.

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