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Tao will begin teaching his next 12-week live KAP class session starting September 9th of 2017. Only pre-recorded classes with live weekly Q&A support will be available from the conclusion of his current class session until that time. The live class will consist of 12 Saturday classes over 4 months, as streaming live online video, with a text interface for asking questions, and live daily practice sessions on weekdays of class weeks, all of which will be recorded and uploaded along with the existing prerecorded and text materials offered below. In addition, Tao’s normal weekly video Q&As are available.

Charitable Giving Discount: A $200 discount on Tao’s 2017 live KAP1 course is available for a $100 donation to Mercy Corps or any 4-star rated charity on this page of Hurricane Harvey relief organizations (please check ratings; American Red Cross is only three stars for a reason).

Please email your donation receipt to info1 @ (remove spaces) to receive a discount code or invoice.

Early registrants may begin the pre-recorded version of the course upon completion of the application process (below), and acceptance by Tao as a student. They may then proceed with the live course when it launches, September 9th of 2017.

Please begin our application process when you register. The application process must be completed prior to your beginning the course. It includes:

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